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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to view 

I created this website to express some of my views, not in a political way, but more in an  informal way, as I have done for the book.

The book really started after a conversation with a friend of mine, who suggested I  consider writing one. My first thought was, "He must be crazy. Me write a book?"  That was over two years ago and here you have it ---- the book. 

The main purpose of this book is to give you, the reader, no matter your background or party affiliation, something to read and use as a reference tool now and in the future.

Finding a title was an interesting challenge, which I mention in the book:

“When I started this book on government affairs, a challenge early on was how I could convey my message in a title and make that message something everyone can relate to. After several drafts of the final manuscript, the title became apparent, and I immediately put it down on paper. “The next morning, I spoke with my wife, and her very first comment was, “Why would you use ‘Lobbyist or Barber’? “ She went on to say a barber does not make sense when talking about government affairs. That was a concern, and later that night as I reflected, it came to me; the barbershop back home – the one owned by Rosie.”

My intent in writing this book is not to change your politics but to empower and encourage you to do more where you live and work. 

The book will introduce you to my first experiences in politics and how those experiences helped to set the stage for future events.    

Again, thank you for your time. Enjoy!