Hello. Thank you for taking the time to view BobSpeaks.org.  I created this website to express
some of my views, not in a political way, but in a more informal way, as I have done for the book.

Bob Keaton is an author, speaker and lobbyist.

“Bob speaks authoritatively on government affairs, lobbying and PACs, and is a powerful communicator who gives candid insights with an audience-friendly presentation. He is always clear and concise in presenting his ideas, wisdom and opinion, which reflect his wealth of experience and expertise across the political landscape.”
— Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Finance – Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA.

Bob Keaton is a lobbyist by trade, helping corporations, associations and non-profits look at ways to maximize and grow their government relations organizations. He truly believes that everything one does in an association, business or life stems from relationships.

Bob published a helpful guide "Lobbyist or Barber: How the Right Relationships Can Build A Strong Government Affairs Program" in 2018.  In the book he outlines the different elements of a government affairs program and how relationships matter in government affairs.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Bob can relate to the many challenges facing business owners today.  He has a reputation for someone who can research anything but makes learning complicated issues fun by delivering content that is entertaining for everyone.

His signature talk, "Lobbyist or Barber: It’s About Relationships" has been described as “a good overview and analysis for executives or associations who question the importance of government relations.”