Imagine a world where the right relationships in the political arena built a strong country. A world where lobbyists are respected for having a relationship above reproach with elected officials.

Inspired by the city council members, school administrators and mayors who came in for a haircut and passionate political debates in the barbershop where he worked, Bob Keaton has written a refreshing guide to principled lobbying.

"Lobbyist or Barber" illustrates just how incredibly lucky Americans are to live in a country where we are free to jump in and become a part of the political process. According to Bob, government is not some high and mighty separate entity out of our reach. Instead, with the help of elections and lobbyists, the everyday citizen can reach out and put in their two cents at any time.

Bob Keaton loves being a lobbyist, because he gets to effect change every day. In his book he gives the reader an understanding of why lobbying is important and reveals his insights about the workings of government and how a lobbyist can become a forthright and principled advocate. The book expands on how lobbyists help, especially in navigating the structure of government, giving guidance on how one can use their two cents in the most efficient manner possible. "Lobbyist or Barber" also explores how lobbyists can guide one toward the best processes to implement and whom to connect with to get a seat at the table.

For young lobbyists or those unfamiliar with the profession, "Lobbyist or Barber" is an eye-opening insight into the halls of government. It is also a mindful reminder to mature practitioners of what their role should be in creating good government – building strong and principled relationships with our elected officials.

"Lobbyist or Barber" is more than just another how-to book.

Ultimately, it’s a challenge to the status quo and an empowerment to those who long for good government and lobbying as the greatest and most simple form of advocacy that effects real change, lends a real voice and unites us all.